Outreachy experience

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What is Outreachy?

Outreachy provides 3-month internships to work in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) - as you can read on Outreachy front page. It is intended to people underrepresented in tech.

There are two rounds each year, in the winter (December to March) and in the summer (May to August). It’s very easy to apply. The first step is to fill the eligibility form and wait for approval.

Once approved, the applicant can see all the projects available with descriptions and required sets of skills. I picked a project which corresponded with my skills and also just sounded good to me - Fedora’s Create CLI tool to interact with Pagure pull-requests API.

My Outreachy winter 2018 project

Pagure is a main Code Review system for Fedora community. The Pagure community is very friendly and helpful. I got a lot of help with my first shaky contributions and with getting into the workflow. I felt very comfortable asking even beginner’s questions and got the answers quickly. My mentor, Aleksandra Fedorova, pointed me to more project-related issues and provided documentation.

I applied to this project and luckily, it was approved. So happy!

Currently my task is to research on other CLI tools, their features and interface. Also, to get familiar with Click and start writing the new project with simple functionality. In my next post I’ll provide more details about my task.

Written on December 9, 2018